What Is SEO And 5 Reasons Why You Should Know About It

what is SEO

In the world of business, it is important for you as a businessman to find multiple routes for your customers to reach and purchase your products or service. Some will use pamphlets, banners, or even billboards to advertise their business to the people.

What Is SEO And 5 Reasons Why You Should Know About It

However, due to the constant threat from Covid-19, many people are scared to even go to the owner’s establishment and this causes a huge impact towards their sales. There are lots of businesses that went down the drain because of this situation.

There are also those who are still unaffected by this predicament, and some even have better results in their sales. How do they do it? SEO is one of the answer for it. But, what is SEO? No worries, lets find out what is optimization of search engines (SEO) and 5 reasons why you should know about it.

1. Consumer’s Transition To Online Purchasing

It is now a very difficult time to live our life as we did a few years ago due to the pandemic. However, business owners who have online platform have their sales multiplied. Yes, most of the people nowadays would prefer to purchase anything through online.

It is safer and easier for them to make a purchase without having the need to face the risk of being infected by Covid-19. Thus, those who knows what is seo and uses SEO or facebook ads gets the upper hand.

2. Evergreen

When we talk about what is SEO, the most advantage that it has compared to facebook ads is that it is evergreen. Facebook ads require constant payment for the service in order to be able to advertise their products in the consumer’s social media platforms.

SEO is different because you will only pay for the service until all your chosen keyword choices becomes the top results in Google. Once it’s up there, it stays there as the no.1 suggestion by Google whenever people search for the related keyword.

3. Affordable Pricing

When we talk about facebook ads, the users needs to pay every time they need to advertise their products and the price varies from how many demographics that they want to aim. Thus, it costs a lot money in the long run compared to SEO services which costs cheaper.

You need to consider the fact that SEO won’t even require you to spend much money if you know how to optimise your webpage using SEO. It is different if you hire a SEO specialist, but that does not even cost as much as facebook ads.

4. Keyword Monopolisation

If you are the first one to use SEO services or learn how to do SEO and apply it to your business, then you could monopolise the keywords. When all of your most searched keyword choices becomes the top result, then you will conquer the Google search engine.

5. It Impacts The Buying Cycle

When people ask about what is SEO, it is a method of advertising that impacts the buying cycle by being able to reach out to the people all over your country, or possibly breaching the global market as well.

If you do it right, then there is no doubt that you will bring a huge impact towards the buying cycle. Visibility of your product is one of the key important thing regarding sales. Once people get to know about your product or services, they will contact you.

Now that you know what is SEO and 5 reasons why you should know about it, you can make the right choice to use SEO for your business right away. You can hire a specialist by clicking on this link